If it is true that a school is only as good as its teachers, then the Nagoya branch of Be Yes! is in trouble. The cast of teachers includes:

TOM – Tom is a man with an uncertain future. His formative years in Kansas were spent mostly in the shadow of his parents, both devout educators who saw teaching as a sacred profession. When Tom reached adulthood he found himself with a degree in education and a path already laid out for him… that’s when he got nervous. On an uncharacteristic whim, Tom hopped a plane to Japan hoping to find the identity that eluded him back home. Carrying little more than a backpack, an ipod, and his childhood book of Shakespeare, Tom dives head first into the world of English teaching. Whether or not he finds what he’s looking for remains to be seen.

Favorite Quote – “To thine own self be true.”

JODIE – It’s been said that grace comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s a gentle spirit, a unique mind, or natural beauty. For Jody, it’s all of the above. Growing up in a small Oregon town, Jody quickly stood out as a free thinker, wise beyond her years. A trait that was not always well received by her fellow classmates. Unaffected by trends, or the status quo, Jody is most at home reading to children in her class, coaxing a lilting melody from a beat up guitar, or eating a solitary lunch at the Nagoya castle. If you ask her nicely, she may even buy you a Taiyaki.

Favorite Quote – “You are my sweetest downfall.”

MARK – Having graduated at the top of his class at the London school of business, Mark’s path to the Be Yes! School of English is a windy one. After graduation, Mark managed to get fired from seven positions in one year. This was mostly due to his penchant for sleeping with his female colleagues. This did not sit well with upper management….or his wife. Now very broke and very divorced, Mark figured a change of landscape was in order, which led him to Japan. Although, his preconception that Japanese woman were easy turned out to be rather inaccurate. This explains his generally disgruntled demeanor that is hard to miss in the school hallways.

Favorite Quote – “There’s a reason U and I are in the word nudity.”

NEVILLE – Every since he was a child in the land down under, Neville dreamed of one day going to Japan to meet his idol, Bruce Lee. No one had the heart to tell him that Bruce Lee didn’t actually live there. When he was old enough, Neville made a pilgrimage to Nagoya where he quickly immersed himself in the Japanese culture and martial arts. Though he was considered an “uncoordinated” and “comical” martial arts student, there was no denying his spirit. This, along with his devotion to Buddhist philosophy, led Neville to a career in education. How that happened exactly is still unclear.

Favorite Quote – “Buddha by breakfast, Ninja by nightfall.”

ROBERTO - Actually, not much is known about Roberto before he came to Be Yes! All that is on record is an expulsion from a South American clown college where there was an incident involving Roberto and a clown car fire. Currently, he is the faculty trainer at Be Yes! where his “unique” teaching style has led many to beg the question “Who the hell is this guy and what is up with the sock puppet?”

Favorite Quote – “I got my weight in my hip and the jazz in my hands!”

ASHLEY – Voted most likely to succeed…at any cost, by her high school in San Dusky, Ohio, Ashley’s fierce ambition is matched only by her staunch feminist ideals. Receiving two degrees from Brown University, Ashley’s position at the Be Yes! School of English was a preemptive career move made for her by her father in an attempt to instill some much needed people skills. This came after one job interviewer commented, “One day, she’ll either be the boss of us all, or wanted for attempted murder”.

Favorite Quote – “If it weren’t for a woman, you wouldn’t even be here.”

SUZUKI – If there was one word to describe Suzuki, it would be duplicitous. Being of both Japanese and Filipino decent, Suzuki became a master of both patience and ambition. Patience from the quiet discrimination that seemed to follow her where ever she went, and a slow burning ambition that could withstand it. With dreams to one day be a teacher herself, Suzuki reverently accepts the traditions of her culture while inklings of rebellion can be spotted in her irreverent smile.

Favorite Quote – “The whole world is spinning, and I’m standing still.”

SAWAGUCHI - Raised in a traditional Japanese home, Sawaguchi became aware at an early age of the immovable glass ceiling above her. Determined not to be hindered by a male dominated culture, Sawguchi dedicated herself to her studies which later blossomed into a career in school administration. Though she struggles with the rigors of a sometimes thankless job, she welcomes the opportunity to rise to any challenges that lay ahead. There may be a glass ceiling above her, but glass can always break.

Favorite Quote – “No one is too cool for school.”