Episode 8: “Moving Day”

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Episode 8: “Moving Day”
Thank you, everyone, for watching and for your support. This is our Christmas present to you. We hope you’ve enjoyed the season. If you’d like to see a second season, join our Facebook fan page and let us know!
(We’re the tear-into-the-wrapping-paper types, so we’ll spare you the episode description and let you get to it.)

85 Responses to “Episode 8: “Moving Day””

  1. Aisyuteru Says:

    [..YouTube..] What a video title.. =P

  2. ToMyDearestFreak Says:

    [..YouTube..] awwww is it over?

  3. WolfHavenXIII Says:

    [..YouTube..] Tom got rrrRejected!

  4. CoolKumiKrazy Says:

    [..YouTube..] Aww I’m gonna cry now that it is over :(

  5. agordon121977 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Great episode 8. With new students coming back, you can give us a season 2 in 2011, right?

  6. Aisyuteru Says:

    [..YouTube..] Yay, back up in time for Christmas. (=

  7. AisukurimuRove Says:

    [..YouTube..] Season 2!

  8. CaioMacedo Says:

    [..YouTube..] I love this series so much that now I want to teach in Japan.
    I want the second season in 2011

  9. Ianbentley06 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Second Season!!!

  10. nnealwhitefield Says:

    [..YouTube..] Each episode has been great!
    Hope to see you all again next year.

  11. ChungFat4eva Says:

    [..YouTube..] definitely would like to see a second season

  12. snowfish1121 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Oh please. If Tom were REALLY a gaijin male in Japan, he’d already have a Japanese girlfriend. They ALL do, no matter how awkward or unwashed they are! ha ha. In three years, I’ve met a total of two gaijin guys here who have a non-Japanese girlfriend, and one if them is my bf. :P

  13. pabbychan Says:

    [..YouTube..] bring on the second season! great stuff!!!

  14. rjmorita Says:

    [..YouTube..] So when is the second season supposed to start?

  15. nisbahmumtaz909 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Short series-s are the best.

    I mean, look at Gigabots. Freaking awesome stuff, this and that, man.

  16. angelachiba87 Says:

    [..YouTube..] @snowfish1121 I know, I am dating another American which wasn’t what either of us expected but it is nice to find someone who isn’t just here for an easy girlfriend ^^

  17. LearningFromTextfugu Says:

    [..YouTube..] season 2 onegai!

  18. x3ar Says:

    [..YouTube..] i liked the series alot, id like some behind the scenes, who is everyone, what do they do? all real actors or not? where is this filmed? is it in japan or just a set?

  19. BahamutDKing Says:

    [..YouTube..] Quality work.

  20. NagoyaBlueWolf Says:

    [..YouTube..] loved it !!

  21. breisath Says:

    [..YouTube..] Hope Second season´s coming soon guys…

  22. sangXroyal Says:

    [..YouTube..] I love it :D bring on the next :D

  23. hmatsuuchi Says:

    [..YouTube..] Love the show guys! Can’t wait for season 2 and the “Ultimate Limited Collector’s Edition 9 Disk Box Set” to come out!

  24. Verdie09 Says:

    [..YouTube..] looking forward to season 2!

  25. satomi814 Says:

    [..YouTube..] I love episode 8 too!!

  26. tsukasa67 Says:


  27. SSoldieRIP Says:

    [..YouTube..] @tsukasa67 i wonder brb just need to get Bozar’s machinegun and i will ask

  28. SirReptitious Says:

    [..YouTube..] @x3ar Yes, it really is made in Japan. They say they are the first web series to be made in Japan. I have no info about the people’s real lives though.

  29. SirReptitious Says:

    [..YouTube..] @tsukasa67 Because it is a victim of YouTube’s success. YT is SO huge now, that it’s really hard to get a channel noticed. Unless all your thumbnails are tits, or your channel is pimped by a major YouTuber, you are destined to wallow in obscurity. If it wasn’t for Gimmeabreakman, I wouldn’t have known about this series! I am subbed to many web series and personal channels that would have a million views if people knew they existed. Watch the series “imaginary bitches”!

  30. kamelamine2006 Says:

    [..YouTube..] @tsukasa67 when I first made my first video on youtube, I have five viwers in one month, but look now it is one year ago and it is now alomst 8000 viwers, do ot worry me friends, that only the beginner, do not worry

  31. ftdr5v6bn Says:

    [..YouTube..] what did Mark and Jodie say at around 4:00? I didn’t understand what they say…

  32. honeykrisp Says:

    [..YouTube..] haha ‘when are we getting a koi pond? N’

  33. priscillas9 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Love the series, please bring on a season 2!

  34. NeverBreakXPact Says:

    [..YouTube..] Wait… did Tom quit and go to a different school? Why is is “moving day”?

  35. Zero Says:

    You go back to that school right now, mister!

  36. touji192 Says:

    [..YouTube..] @ftdr5v6bn
    Mark: “Mmm! Get a sandwich one we did you?”
    Jodie: “It’s actually kind of a peace offering, where’s Tom?”
    Mark: “Hmm dunno”

  37. podmember Says:

    [..YouTube..] silly Mark, chocolate is not food!


  38. magistered Says:

    [..YouTube..] why does it have to end in a cliffhanger ending!
    hope season 2 is sooner than expected!! XD

  39. quixoticpixel Says:

    [..YouTube..] I heard this at about @4:00

    Mark: Mm! Get a sandwich for me, did you?
    Jodie: Well, it’s actually kind of a peace offering. Where’s Tom?
    Mark: Dunno.

  40. Mike D Says:

    I love episode 8. Looks like Tom and Jodie
    have things to work out, which will make for
    good story lines. Liked the look on Mark’s
    face when the people came out of the elevator.
    Eagerly looking forward to season 2.
    I hope everyone has a Happy New Year.

  41. ElSasser2007 Says:

    [..YouTube..] @snowfish1121
    I’ve been here going on 23 years and I’ve met PLENTY of gaijin-gaijin couples. However, I concede that it is a weakness of the series that there are no mixed couples in it.

  42. ElSasser2007 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Screw-up, Guys: how does Tom get to close his own taxi door? Either it’s a classic Japanese automated taxi, or it’s an MK where the driver closes the door – either way, one is strongly discouraged from doing it oneself!

  43. dukemon22 Says:

    [..YouTube..] awesome:) we need a second season!

  44. Mike D Says:

    This is for ElSasser2007′s comment about
    mixed couples.
    Gives us something to look forward to then.
    Would be interesting to see the manager
    or the other cute lady with a foreign boy

  45. 320k Says:

    [..YouTube..] 3:32 … wow, like Lost in Translation
    Wonderful : )

    Can’t wait for Season 2 ; )

  46. theRealAnonymousRain Says:

    [..YouTube..] SEASON 2 NOW PLEASE! :D

  47. mairusu1 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Unlucky there Tommy :3

  48. egoimperator Says:

    [..YouTube..] <3<3<3 daisuki!!!! <3<3<3

  49. Eduardo50725 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Great series people! Please go for the second season soon! :D

  50. heymissdonut Says:

    [..YouTube..] seriously cannot wait for season 2 :)

  51. MANNY100123 Says:

    [..YouTube..] I love this show! ^^ Can’t wait for season 2! :s

  52. englishseries Says:

    [..YouTube..] Thanks for the comments everyone! We really appreciate you taking the time to watch and share your thoughts. The whole cast and crew worked incredibly hard on this show and we’ve all been blown away by the response! On to season 2? We would love to but we really need you guys to help spread the word! Through your blogs, twitter, Facebook, youtube vlogs, word of mouth…it all helps! :)
    And remember kids, “English is everywhere, even in the alphabet…”

  53. blackrose504 Says:

    [..YouTube..] can’t wait for season two :-)

  54. Mistykin1 Says:

    [..YouTube..] I lived in Nagoya, knew the folks who started Shooters too… ah, the memories.


  55. Lisa Says:

    Want a second season! :D

  56. linnahj Says:

    [..YouTube..] I find this episode very poignant and moving. The characters really showed depth. Love it, and hoping for Season 2!

  57. makidude Says:

    [..YouTube..] You guys deserve more views than this. :(

  58. creepyk1d Says:

    [..YouTube..] the ninja dude was sitting right there!! that was hilarious! Good job, guys. looking foward for season 2

  59. WilkinsMichael Says:

    [..YouTube..] My students said this was definitely the best web series ever!
    Didn’t expect Japanese students to like it but the series being set in Japan seemed to help their comprehension and they prefer comedies over anything serious.

  60. samufugu Says:

    [..YouTube..] This show is perhaps one of the most entertaining series on YouTube to date. It’s much better than Shane Dawson or Fred which, to be frank, aren’t funny or entertaining at all and can only make you wonder why they’re so popular. Why this show isn’t more popular than it already is, is beyond me.

  61. englishseries Says:

    [..YouTube..] @samufugu Thank you! Really glad you’re enjoying it :)

  62. GardenPacific Says:

    [..YouTube..] This is one of the most enjoyable and helpful shows on youtube that I have ever watched. I am currently studying to become a teacher and have lost my sight on what is important in teaching. This show has not only entertained me but also it has given me some courage to begin helping younger students to learn. Thanks to all in English Teachers =)

  63. EvilMan04 Says:

    [..YouTube..] I’ve found this randomly when I typed in Youtube something to do with Japan and came across this series. I’ve watched all the episodes and I’m really interested in the series and I’m anxiously waiting for Season 2!

  64. amarcin2008 Says:

    [..YouTube..] nice very nice. i like it. i had watched all episodes to learm english. it was great fun and , in the end, study. THX.

  65. thehappybull Says:

    [..YouTube..] @samufugu Have you seen our roadtrip documentary? Shits all over pretty much everything. Even television and movies. Even real life gets shat on by our roadtrip documentary. The best dream you ever had … shat on. It’s like Evil Dead meets Mr T meets Casa-fucking-blanca.

  66. thaiswe91 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Season 2 onegaishimasu!

  67. Katinaboxbabe Says:

    [..YouTube..] 面白かったです!(^_^)

  68. jvloggaz Says:

    [..YouTube..] Don’t tell me it’s over!!!!

  69. RLJ96 Says:

    [..YouTube..] @englishseries I like your series, too. It’s really enjoyable. The first episode is posted on my facebook account and my whole grade will see it. However, most of them have no fun with English and would never watch something in English. However, a few German guys have seen the post by now, maybe that is good.

  70. regerabit Says:

    [..YouTube..] Is there going to be a second season? Cause there should be one ;)

  71. weurRTG Says:

    [..YouTube..] The great thing about this YouTube series is that there is an underlying message.

    The message is plain and clear:

    Life is like a river. No matter how hard you push it backwards alone, it will always move forward. Stop getting headaches by doing things your way. Just let life go.

  72. pkVorpal Says:

    [..YouTube..] Very good series. Will pass this on. I actually only started watching because i could understand the beggining, and thought i could use this to practise my 日本語.But the series managed to capture my intrest.

    Subscribed を日本語で何と言いますか。

  73. harolddoza Says:

    [..YouTube..] I am an EFL teacher myself. I presented this web series to my students (one episode a day) and they really enjoyed it. They and I wish for a second season.

  74. benitofinito Says:

    [..YouTube..] どもありがと。

  75. Cptraktorn Says:

    [..YouTube..] Mooooooooooore!

  76. ggfc2 Says:

    [..YouTube..] great series :)
    possibly the most interesting series on youtube

  77. sipe08 Says:

    [..YouTube..] i wish tom shaved in the movie my darling is a foreigner….ughhhh he would have looked so much cuter..

  78. MeanieMaxie Says:

    [..YouTube..] did he leave the school D: NOOOOOO!!!!
    too bad there isn’t more to see xD

  79. Sup3rH0nda Says:

    [..YouTube..] Bloody Brilliant !!


  80. Firehawk13 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Great series. Wish I’d known this was being made while I was studying at NUFS! Would have loved to help out in production or have been an extra!

  81. xixlora Says:

    [..YouTube..] Now I know why Japanese are terrible English speakers

  82. Dostan8bay Says:

    [..YouTube..] hey! has anyone noticed the old edition of Headway? where can i get one? i’ve been trying to find it, but they don’t publish it any more

  83. undertakerfreak1127 Says:

    [..YouTube..] This is an amazing series. Please make a second season.

  84. 3ast Says:

    [..YouTube..] What happens tomorrow?! Does Tom quit? Do Jodi and Tom go out again? Does Gova go out of business? Does Mark stop farting in class?


  85. TheFerret78 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Love this series. So curious what happens next. I do hope a season 2 is coming.

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