Episode 7: “Good Luck Charmed”

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Episode 7: “Good Luck Charmed”

Tom’s day off leads to sights of Japan that were always under his nose and feelings for Jodi that were always under the surface.

52 Responses to “Episode 7: “Good Luck Charmed””

  1. nnealwhitefield Says:

    [..YouTube..] I love this cute series! More next year, please.

  2. ExiledRomaji Says:

    [..YouTube..] nice episode! Camera work was pretty good too.

  3. rickv055 Says:

    [..YouTube..] I liked the Subway employee her reaction was priceless

  4. lunamielstar Says:

    [..YouTube..] I like the series but the romantic subplot(now mainplot) seems kinda forced to me.

  5. Styster Says:

    [..YouTube..] Love the series guys, but this episode…. hmm…

    Last episode, though, is one more reason I can’t wait for Christmas!

  6. TwilightTsukasa Says:

    [..YouTube..] I feel like you guys have hit your stride with this episode (the romance subplot is finally coming together…a little awkwardly, but it’s more progress than we’ve seen so far)!

    I also really love that you’ve finally moved outside of the classroom, because Japan is BEAUTIFUL, and you’re capturing that really well. I miss Kyoto like crazy. :(

  7. Aoitori365 Says:

    [..YouTube..] love this show <3

  8. breesana Says:

    [..YouTube..] good episode!

  9. waffocopter Says:

    [..YouTube..] I’d rather have Subway than okonomiyaki too. Too gingery. This episode definitely had a “almost done” kind of feel. Hope there’s more next year!

  10. shamille724 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Oh man! I wanna eat Okonomiyaki so bad XD

  11. NaturalBeauty321 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Wooohooo… go Tom!

  12. MewesK Says:

    [..YouTube..] i honestly hope you will continue this show. it’s one of my YT highlights of 2010!

  13. phantira29 Says:

    [..YouTube..] was a kiss inside or outside a temple?if that was inside, that’s not a good place at all.

  14. VinnytheFox Says:

    [..YouTube..] 1:Hey there shutterbug.
    3:Whats up?

  15. keadam0 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Great episode, people-hope it’s not the last!!!

  16. pabbychan Says:

    [..YouTube..] Thanks enjoying the series !

  17. Giz Says:

    Best one yet!

  18. babochureum Says:

    [..YouTube..] it feels like i missed an episode.

  19. malaka686535 Says:

    And really nice episode, showed the town and every thing. ^_^
    Though i agree, i really hope that this aint the end of the season, but then again these guys do deserve a few weeks off its chirsmas. And they gave us a great season and they deserve a break. So kudos to you guys, but one question whens the new season starting (if this is the end of the season that is. >_<”)

  20. Nemesis093781 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Great episode, thank you for the video.

  21. englishseries Says:

    [..YouTube..] Thanks for the comments everyone! We’d love to do season 2, but it all depends on the success of this one! If you’re enjoying the show, it would be awesome if you would help to spread the word! :)

  22. JB Says:

    This was the best episode so far. Definite chemistry with Jodi & Tom. Fun stuff! Keep ‘em comin’!

  23. Careline1811 Says:

    [..YouTube..] I loled that toma never ate okonomiyaki before xDDBUt yay for jodi and him !!! xD

  24. boffo Says:

    Seriously. WTF!?

    That was painful to watch. This show is truly awful. The writing is absolutely terrible. Please read some books on writing – Save the Cat – Myth – Syd Field etc.

  25. thedreadedzero Says:

    [..YouTube..] That was adorable.

  26. Lisa Says:

    Nice episode!

  27. Mike D Says:

    Enjoyed it a lot as always. But I’m sad there’s
    only one episode left for the season. What will
    I watch now?
    I hope you can do a second season. Guarantee I’ll
    watch it.
    Merry Christmas to the whole crew and thank you
    for the show.

  28. William Says:

    does not seem exactly realistic. Then again maybe it is, the awkwardness of the whole thing seems to work and be true of many gaijin-gaijin relationships in Japan. Kind of interesting.

  29. rav05pimpin Says:

    [..YouTube..] Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

  30. dukemon22 Says:

    [..YouTube..] another great one:) can’t wait for the season finale.

  31. S7Genesis7S Says:

    [..YouTube..] Which brand of camera that was shot?

  32. christofffrazier Says:

    [..YouTube..] it was nice that you brought it out of the school. But I cant help but fell i missed something. when did tom decide to leave japan?

  33. oxoriano Says:

    [..YouTube..] i love this series…. it’s sad that the chapters are so short… but anyway i like it…. please keep doing it, i’m sure it will be another season

  34. podmember Says:

    [..YouTube..] moar

  35. percivalconstantine Says:

    [..YouTube..] Sorry to hear that there’s only one episode left. I’ve really enjoyed this series and I hope it continues.

  36. fepenico Says:

    [..YouTube..] I think the concept is great, but the acting is a little lacking.

  37. coreyroddy Says:

    [..YouTube..] i love this show please please please let it be a 2nd season. and maybe have the episodes just a little longer.

  38. theRealAnonymousRain Says:

    [..YouTube..] I love this series. It just makes me want to be an English teacher even more! I can’t wait until I finish my college course, then my TEFL course, then I can finally start hitting the English job market! Woot!

  39. jayjay65 Says:


  40. creepyk1d Says:

    [..YouTube..] nice

  41. xinlover Says:

    [..YouTube..] man of..zero culture x)

  42. xinlover Says:

    [..YouTube..] oh man, the kiss was totally unexpected! :D

  43. 920jordy Says:

    [..YouTube..] Love this!!! so much fun!! I’ve gotta know what happens next!

  44. TheInuShaman Says:

    [..YouTube..] “what’s up”

  45. amirbyamir Says:

    [..YouTube..] seems like old dayz. going to forest and havin love and lab lab lab … but right now itz goin completly differnt .

  46. MayorMichaelShell Says:

    [..YouTube..] Was this show made just for youtube or is it on tv too? wow, youtube spell check doesn’t know the word, “youtube”. amazing!

  47. matsurizukiiii Says:

    [..YouTube..] 日本語字幕お願いします!

  48. tdakiller Says:

    [..YouTube..] she walks like shes got a plank up her ass

  49. rosettaismynameo Says:

    [..YouTube..] jodi’s kinda bitchy… i really liked her until this episode…

  50. DemonicDerek78 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Why does Tom have the same backpack as me?

  51. 3ast Says:

    [..YouTube..] Way to go Tom!

  52. brendanraymond Says:

    [..YouTube..] cliche

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