Episode 2: “(Un)equilibrium”

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Episode 2: “(Un)equilibrium”

English Teachers episode 2 is here! We hope you enjoy the new drama and developments in this episode. Please be sure to leave a comment–either here or on YouTube–and let us know what you think. And if you’re a fan of the series, we encourage you to share it with your friends. (Bloggers, feel free to embed the episodes into your blog.)

We were blown away by the great response we got for episode 1, and we’re all really excited to show you the second one! There will be a further 6 episodes in English Teachers season 1 so stay tuned and enjoy!

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78 Responses to “Episode 2: “(Un)equilibrium””

  1. Bwana Says:

    I think this show is definitely hitting the mark. Especially displaying the differing personalities of English teachers. I could see myself in this program. It reminded me of when I came to Japan 12 years ago without any experience or clue as to what an English teacher was supposed to do. Ouch. Keep up the good work and “Let’s have a BS or ‘Be Yes’ day.”

  2. Wolf Says:

    These are really good, better than 95% of the stuff they put on T.V. nowadays. I just wish it wasn’t so short. Keep up the good work!

  3. Satomi Says:

    Love Mark’s scene of surveillance camera! He is hilarious!!! :D

  4. Lchan Says:

    Great show! It is looking so good and the writing is hilarious! Really excited to see the next episodes!!!

  5. Peter L Says:

    Very professionally done with good acting and scripting. You can tell it is building up to more fun and games. More… more!

    The characters are great!

    Longer episodes would be a plus.

  6. shinjukuboy Says:

    GOVA! That’s good! (don’t worry, they go bankrupt later)

  7. Mariko Says:

    what Neville says in the opening scene is lovely!!

  8. mochimochi-kun Says:

    hahaha “GOVA”… i wonder what their mascot looks like :P i’m definitely fond of this series. sharing w/ my friends on Facebook!

  9. George Roberts Says:

    Neville: “I am the water… can”
    Outstanding. This is hilarious because it’s so embarrassing. Love it.

  10. freedomwv Says:

    [..YouTube..] GOVA? They must mean NOVA and the pink rabbit. Funny parody.

  11. Gimmeabreakman Says:

    h t t p : / / i s . g d / f L B C P
    Japansoc dot com

  12. cityend Says:

    [..YouTube..] @freedomwv When I saw GOVA, I LOL.
    I think there is more to the parody then just NOVA. GEOS is another english conversation school that went bust. G(eos)(n)OVA ;)

  13. Brendan Says:

    Good stuff! Keep it up!

  14. maxINaus Says:

    [..YouTube..] Common Be Yes! Smash those Gova assholes!

  15. GAMERxFREEKx23 Says:

    [..YouTube..] @TheUnkownGod more like half an hour

  16. englishseries Says:

    [..YouTube..] Thanks for all the comments. We hope you’re enjoying our show and that you keep visiting our channel. Episode 3 goes live October 16th! A new “interesting” character will introduced…

  17. nnealwhitefield Says:

    [..YouTube..] Great job! Looking forward to each new segment.

  18. Nemesis093781 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Thumbs up.

  19. tskilove Says:

    [..YouTube..] With better writing this could be great, ESL is a goldmine of material…

  20. hawaiibadboy Says:

    [..YouTube..] As a kick ass teacher in Japan I can say with confidence this is really what most of the morons are like. not including myself of course ;)

  21. Marcus Says:

    Great acting, but I have to say that the script just isn’t very funny. It feels like every line is a botched up joke that could have been made a lot funnier. “Surveillance… Camera!!” was a horrible scene, it would have made more sense if he taught them words like “big brother” or “this is how you say dates in English… like … 1984!”

  22. saiyouken Says:

    [..YouTube..] hillarious.

  23. batorugaaru Says:

    [..YouTube..] Love these videos! Haven’t taught in Japan yet, but I have had the experience of the NOVA-like school in Italy… it’s hilarious how similar things are. Although I think your videos still make it much nicer than reality :) Can’t wait to see new episodes. And I think they’re perfect as-is!!

  24. reykjavik79 Says:

    [..YouTube..] I want more boobies in show

  25. Boffo Says:

    SORRY. It’s just not that interesting. This episode was worse than the first. Much worse. The only decent part was GOVA. The jokes DON’T pay off in any way. Most of them are lame. SACK the WRITERS. Keep the staff and actors. Find a consistent tone and keep it. IF you are going to make it all in-jokes why bother. Think of a series like the office. I’ve never worked in an office but it’s still finny. I can still relate to it. I worked at Nova many years ago and I still don’t find this amusing.

  26. Zuri Says:

    This is a lot of fun. Looks like the drama is picking up. Excited to see where it goes.

  27. Pell Says:

    brilliant!! You guys should do a Korean episode at one point. There is just so much to work with on so many levels!!

  28. Dov Says:

    Weak, at best. BUT i do like the lady who plays the head of the school… [Part of this comment was edited by the moderator.]

  29. silentsoliloquy82 Says:

    [..YouTube..] I like it. :)

  30. dale Says:

    I’m enjoying the series so far, but I’m begging for more! A few minutes every two weeks will have me either pulling my hair out or leaving all together and trying to remember to visit again in a few months for a good sit down.

    A little hokey, but well produced, acted and written. Keep it up!

  31. phazttraxx1980 Says:

    [..YouTube..] English teachers+The Office

  32. rickv055 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Heard from this through Gimmeabreakman. So far it seems great, I would love to see more episodes. I definitely would like to learn more about ESL in japan.

  33. SMARTHSHINOBI1112223 Says:

    [..YouTube..] is that one kid wearing a boyscout uniform at 1:52?

  34. Cronaldo02 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Thats alot of ppl in the cast

  35. Joe Says:

    This series is great and I really look forward to seeing future episodes.

    This is an online TV show by the way. Not an Orwell novel or a Kubrick film. Come on guys :)

    Keep them coming!

  36. Shonki91 Says:

    [..YouTube..] jodi is hot =D

  37. PupeScissors Says:

    [..YouTube..] please keep making these awesome videos!

  38. Matt Says:

    No, definitely weak, even for an online show. Nice production and the blond girl is cute but it’s just so meaningless and flat, not to mention predictable. Great concept but what was the point of making this if you’re not going to do it right? Also, some actors too noticeably worse than others… But nice try I guess.

  39. g33g33H Says:

    [..YouTube..] What did I just wathc? stupid asians

  40. myuuzimiki Says:

    [..YouTube..] Mark is hilarious. Sawaguchi is a good actress. She really made me feel the pain of having to let customers go.

  41. Reggie Says:

    You all really think this show is good? REALLY? The acting is weak, the writing is hackneyed and there is nothing the least bit humorous in any of it. Either these comments are all from friends of the show or you people live very isolated lives.


    I’ve seen better high school plays.

  42. loczster Says:

    [..YouTube..] wow, i really like the series!!! Cant wait for more.

  43. Ostro Says:

    Needs some humor. And better acting. Otherwise…

  44. Emma Says:

    Haha, I loved the Surveillance Camera bit. Very funny. Look forward to future episodes!

  45. japonesssss1 Says:

    [..YouTube..] /watch?v=_-vzn_TlqEE

    EPISODE 3456

  46. sircaspian1 Says:

    [..YouTube..] omg this series is awesome!

  47. MochizMuM Says:

    [..YouTube..] These episodes should be called epicsodes. they are way sexy.

  48. tokiobunniprodigy Says:

    [..YouTube..] Another great episode!!

  49. pivetom Says:

    [..YouTube..] how can anyone find this funny ?

  50. untmdsprt Says:

    [..YouTube..] @pivetom obviously you’ve never been an English teacher in Japan. The mothers here make Hitler look like a choir boy when it comes to their child learning English. This show is great because it makes fun of the entire English system in Japan.

  51. vibrohm Says:

    [..YouTube..] pleease dont stop making these vids because you have a low view count, it will change! they are really funny and well made, love the wise teacher who thinks of himself as the water…can.

  52. gcop33 Says:

    [..YouTube..] very very good! I like you guys… keep up the good work!

  53. RealmEternal Says:

    [..YouTube..] @vibrohm 11k view just only the 2nd episode is not exactly low view count.

  54. vibrohm Says:

    [..YouTube..] @RealmEternal oh you’re right! I misread it as 1k views, either way they must continue! thanks.

  55. Joskineide Says:

    [..YouTube..] I need no english teacher I AM HARDCORE and use…..videogames to learn english ^^

  56. farah3112 Says:

    [..YouTube..] i like the cinematography simple yet pleased to the eyes :)

  57. ThePorcaPipa Says:

    [..YouTube..] youtube.com/watch?v=r7TdfSkhPKc

  58. ManicParroT Says:

    [..YouTube..] The Japanese head teacher is spot on in dialogue and intonation. “Tom is a…very good teacher, so please enjoy watching him!”

  59. clonecommander07 Says:


  60. bundangbear Says:

    [..YouTube..] Clearly, A LOT of money was sunk into this. The R&D is just spot on. Still, just little old me is competitive with your monolithic corporation. Gambate kudesai!

  61. ppppesaaaa Says:

    [..YouTube..] hahahahaha…i love this series..its more better than porn..hahaha

  62. nisbahmumtaz909 Says:

    [..YouTube..] I thought it was spelled “in”equilibrium.

    Wait a second, even though only in acting, you guys are still English teachers.
    I have a question(or two): Is there a prefix for equilibrium? What type of word CAN have affixes then? Or to make things easy, what type of words CAN’T you put affixes in?

  63. filipeHouseMusic Says:

    [..YouTube..] CHECK MY PAGE OUT!!!!!

  64. Ovidius89 Says:

    [..YouTube..] This is awesome ! Love the humor, quality, acting and dual subtitles.
    Keep it up !

  65. deusefiel23 Says:


  66. NuShrULz Says:

    [..YouTube..] psu.com

  67. SSoldieRIP Says:

    [..YouTube..] 1:37 ” ah fuck i got orgasm shit ”
    im betting my SVD Dragunov that the new teacher is horny most of the time ^_^

  68. limaniaque Says:

    [..YouTube..] nice job

  69. XowntXihqX Says:

    [..YouTube..] derka derka

  70. chamz137 Says:

    [..YouTube..] If you are luck you can find an Asain women gettop5.info

  71. pinkyrules6161 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Loooooool desu. XD oh gosh

  72. NYhippie543 Says:

    [..YouTube..] I love that ninja dude.

  73. solidiquis1 Says:

    [..YouTube..] wuatuh……caaaaan/ LOL

  74. alexdieztube Says:

    [..YouTube..] Good show, but it was better with the subtitles in English instead (or on top) of Japanese.

  75. reliyoquik Says:

    [..YouTube..] She is so sexy and Latino women rockmycity.info

  76. dropapebble Says:

    [..YouTube..] LOL, if only I could post this on my website for my students to see things from our point of view. ;)

  77. DemonicDerek78 Says:

    [..YouTube..] I can begin to see why Japanese people could have a problem with foreigners… especially the ninjitsu guy… although, I had a host dad in Japan who was EXACTLY like him just with Kendou… The kendou guy was less freaky though.

  78. Trixiaoyu Says:

    [..YouTube..] Those English subs are sooooooooooo WRONG!!

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