Series Premiere: “First Days Suck”

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Series Premiere: “First Days Suck”

The wait is over! Season 1 Episode 1 of English Teachers is now live! We have worked hard on this show for many months, and we hope you enjoy it.

The first season of English Teachers will have 8 episodes with a new one being released every two weeks. You can watch the videos here, on our YouTube channel, or on our Facebook page. And we’d love it if you got involved to help spread the word about the show.

If you head to our Facebook page, you can pass on info about the show to your friends by clicking the share button bottom left. Please be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel too!

We hope you enjoy this first episode of English Teachers! Please let us know what you think!

142 Responses to “Series Premiere: “First Days Suck””

  1. J L Gatewood Says:

    This. Was. AWESOME!!!

    I cannot wait for episode 2! What’s the release schedule like on it? Let me know so I can maybe post a schedule on!

  2. Trevor Says:

    Very fun! I enjoyed this, especially after living in Nagoya for a few years. Looking forward to the future episodes, good luck guys!

  3. Tomoko Says:

    I’m cautiously optimistic about upcoming features. Hope this will not turn into some stereotype “Be Yes” (BS) with Japanese and/or gaijin bashing. I’m tired of “whining”, but “poking fun” is a different story.

  4. JD Gold Says:


    Accurately portrays us as English teachers in a humorous fashion. Although, the comedy is a bit over the top sometimes.

    I’m working in South Korea right now, but can definitely draw parallels. Looking forward to your futre episodes.

  5. Anthony Lojac Says:

    This is very clever and funny. I am eager to see more. And I sure hope my English was correct in my comment.

  6. Kelly Says:

    Looks promising, but I too am cautious. I agree with Tomoko, I hope they get past the stereotypes and have some meatier stories. I hope it turns out like a Japanese version of “the Office”

  7. Alex Case Says:

    Not the most sophisticated humour. Who is it aimed at?

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  9. Zumi Says:


  10. JJLuke77 Says:

    Very nice! Thank you for the entertainment :)

  11. deja-lu Says:

    Nice try as the first episode – execpt Fart Baker who should show his humor of the May 3 trailer instead. Don’t wait to long with the next episodes.

  12. Kevin Says:

    Hopefully future episodes will have less breast-grabbing and fart jokes and more story and character development.

  13. Movie Guy Says:

    Not a bad start at all. I enjoyed it and boy, Tom Kellerman walking out of that elevator seemed just like my first day walking into “the office” in Tokyo.

    As Kevin mentioned, it could’ve done without the breast grabbing, farting and the scary teacher throwing the books out of the classroom. That was over the top, but your show has promise.

  14. Daniel Bough Says:

    Awesome! I actually learned about this site from the Japan Times! I look forward to more episodes! Well done!!

    -Ja mata ne

  15. Sayuri Says:

    How cool!
    I really enjoyed!
    I hope to see episode 2 soon!!!

  16. Suzune Says:

    I’m looking forward to next episode.

    Don’t crash the water supply machine :-)

  17. Alana Says:

    Yeah I hope the characters become less stereotypically so you can actually recognize them as people you encounter in this business. I think the funniest moment, that I can relate to is him writing hat on the board and there being silence and him giving a boring repeat after me lesson as we tend to do when we start. More stuff like this please!

  18. Alex Says:

    Great work guys! I look forward to seeing the next episode. Well done!!

  19. Alan Says:


  20. Ra Says:

    When I heard the concept, I thought I’d tell my friends about the series, but I changed my mind after watching episode one. Ditto the comments from Tomoko and Kevin. Wish it was less “Mr. Baseball” and more “Outsourced (movie version).”

  21. medical transcription jobs Says:

    Great post, I’m waiting for another!

  22. Katherine Says:

    Not sure what so many are complaining about. Anyone who has ever worked in this business knows that there are so many in it who are living caricatures. Missing the funny side of “English Teachers” probably means one is as humourless as the teacher with the bun.

  23. Warwick Says:

    I’m cautiously optimistic. About the only thing I was all that disappointed with is the old tired generic trope that is the accidental breast grab. I wasn’t all that enthused with it the first time I saw it and I’m even less so now that I’ve seen it countless times on various programs.

  24. desune Says:

    Sorry, but the first episode wasn’t the least bit funny at all. I don’t mind the lightheartedness, but it shed no light nor made any comment on what it’s really like to be an English teacher. They even neglected the reality that some “teachers” come here just for the GIRLS. Great look and production, but if the best they can come up with is grabbing breasts and fart jokes, then I don’t see the point; I’ll pass.

  25. Mr Wendal Says:

    Where is the Japanese subtitles?

  26. English Teachers Says:

    Mr. Wendal,

    You can find the Japanese subtitles by viewing the episode on YouTube and clicking “CC” in the player controls.

  27. Michael Machida Says:

    I’ve been in Tokyo for about 11 years from America and this show really does hit the target. I’m not an English Teacher, however I have many friends who are and they tell me stories that reflect just what you’ve shown here. Great job.

  28. caplin Says:

    ha! typical Japanese joke. can’t wait to see what will happen next.

  29. Aaron Says:

    I liked it. I was impressed with the quality of the camerawork.
    Surprising for something coming out of Nagoya.

    Looking forward to future episodes.

  30. Masayuki Says:

    When is episode 2????

  31. English Teachers Says:


    Episode 2 will be released on October 2nd.

  32. Emma Says:

    I enjoyed it so far- and it definitely looks to have a lot of potential. I however, second what Tomoko said earlier, and hope that the show stays closer to “lighthearted” humour rather than overplayed stereotypes of the “typical gaijin” teaching English in Japan.

    I for one, would like to see this show also explore some of the positives (we know there are some!) to foreigners living and teaching English in Japan. There is enough negativity out there surrounding the industry as it is. Can’t wait to see more! :)

  33. Mike D Says:

    Very Good, Very funny. I look forward to
    the new episodes. Much better than most
    of the crap on TV nowadays.

  34. Brendan Says:

    Looks like it might be promising. Need a little more to go on before I start Facebooking it to my friends. 5 minute episodes seem a little short. 10 or 15 minutes would have been better.

  35. Queer English Says:

    I love it! Looking forward to the next episodes. I already tweeted it to my friends. :)

  36. Ben Says:

    Great! Want more!

  37. Kyoko Says:

    Great job! I look forward to more Nogoyan views in the scene.
    Crew credits are too quick to roll up so I couldn’t catch all of them.

  38. Kato Says:

    can’t wait for the next episode! :)

  39. avihenda Says:

    nice introduction episode. As the only thing that happens in the first episode is showing of all the characters I’m going to wait a bit and see where you take this. :)
    So far it looks light hearted and a good laugh.
    Well done and good luck! ^_^

  40. xiongmao07 Says:

    [..YouTube..] love the concept! がんば!

  41. movies online Says:

    Top website, I hadn’t noticed earlier during my searches!
    Carry on the wonderful work!

  42. ArtAnime5 Says:

    [..YouTube..] :D that was so funny. Can’t wait for the next epiosde!

  43. shinjukuboy Says:

    That was pretty good, and I had a good laugh. Reminds me of my teaching days many many years ago. Keep it up and don’t get predictable. Also, the production quality is very high. Very professional. Hey, how about a reality show?

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    [...] to tell you.  Some English teachers in Nagoya are making an Internet film series.  They posted the first episode last week.  It is quite funny and fairly true to life.  They will be posting new episodes every [...]

  45. Boffo Says:

    Great Technical work. But the Script is quite poor. A staff of 5 writers really should have come up with something better than this. No tension, no conflict, no humour. The jokes were rather lame and the sound effects made it even worse.

  46. rachelofpie Says:

    [..YouTube..] ‘Thank you very much for your time. Let’s have a B.S. day!’

  47. 33Sammi32 Says:

    [..YouTube..] 3:13 made me rofl

  48. ethos3419 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Really good, but can totally feel the scrubs influence. Hopefully it doesn’t shadow it too much

  49. George Roberts Says:

    I really enjoyed this. But get rid of the idiot who plays Mark.

  50. spiro37 Says:

    [..YouTube..] cant…stop…watching…grabbing motion…mmmm…. :D

  51. Oty3d Says:

    [..YouTube..] Great first video.

  52. mimei Says:

    [..YouTube..] lmao, excellent stuff :)

  53. SilverGunZoO Says:

    [..YouTube..] @Drower Yea that’s what I thought too (w)

  54. SilverGunZoO Says:

    [..YouTube..] Exciting series, I subscribed and looking forward to the next episode, however there is only one thing I didn’t liked, the kissxsis accidental-boobs-touching, and don’t get me wrong I’m into that… in animation, coz it can be animated to look real, but in a real life video it’s awkward, and mostly because it’s hard to make it look real, it’s hard to act, it’s not a common thing, very improbable, and so my advice is to cut the sexual references based on anime.

  55. Erik T. Says:

    I really enjoyed watching the first episode and applaud the people making the series. Of course it might not be what we all want in a show, but I hope that it will continue to improve. I can relate somewhat to the series because I have lived in Nagoya for more than two years myself and worked for an Eikaiwa, AEON, and as an ALT. Many of us are familiar with how being a foreigner and working in the English teaching industry in Japan is, but others are not. I am looking forward to seeing more communication problems in the work place and conflicts within the stories. Keep up the good work!

  56. Zannypants666 Says:

    [..YouTube..] 4:30 Whoever that is, shes gorgeous

  57. beksblzr Says:

    [..YouTube..] The intro by Ms. Sawaguchi was great! And I am still laughing at the name of the company! Isn’t that what we all do to get through our day anyways! But I do have to agree with SilverGunZoO, the accidental boob touch does look awkward in live action.

  58. shamille724 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Tony.



    Interestingly, I came here via gimmeabreakman, but… I was so surprised to find Jonathan Sherr!! Awesome.

  59. Neiliooooo Says:

    [..YouTube..] It sounds like she is saying lets have a B.S. (Bullshit) Day! :D

  60. triipge Says:

    [..YouTube..] this show is good, reminds me a lot of “Arrested Development” and I love that show too <3 can’t wait for more episodes

  61. France731000 Says:

    [..YouTube..] english language sound so gay :S

  62. lenin1928 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Yes We Can rip off Barack Obama and our students at the same time.

  63. RockGodFuck Says:

    [..YouTube..] @France731000 And this from an French guy ?? omg :D

  64. UnamedKing Says:

    [..YouTube..] XD I remembered my non-japanese English teachers back in japan XD They were kewl!! What was fun is that they all had stories to tell :D

  65. dandelionwebshow2000 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Be Yes : BS = Bull .. yea you know ;) LMAO XD

  66. SatoTM2 Says:

    [..YouTube..] @dandelionwebshow2000 bullcrap!

  67. SatoTM2 Says:

    [..YouTube..] narcissistic nut bag lol

  68. SmilingDepression Says:

    [..YouTube..] @France731000 naaa

  69. stephy379 Says:

    [..YouTube..] hehehehhe so funny!

  70. BitSlash Says:

    [..YouTube..] E.S.S.N. – Epic Series Starts Now

  71. RaimiiChan Says:

    [..YouTube..] Awesome!!!!

  72. tokiobunniprodigy Says:

    [..YouTube..] AWESOME – The only word to describe this series!!

  73. Kameleonic Says:

    [..YouTube..] Hate to put a downer on it, but even though it’s a parody, it’s quite unrealistic! Anyone who has taught in varied situations in Japan for a longer period of time will tell you the same.

    Not to mention, even as just a comedy, it’s not funny at all.

    Small things please….;)

  74. ca280491 Says:

    [..YouTube..] hey i seak french and i’m offended <.<

  75. ca280491 Says:

    [..YouTube..] @ca280491 speak

  76. Chilly296 Says:

    [..YouTube..] “I’m still not receiving your lesson plans on time” lmao !! man, i heard many bosses say that many times… classic!

  77. misterrbrown Says:

    [..YouTube..] Production Value is quite good. Could speed up the editing a bit.

  78. kalium19 Says:

    [..YouTube..] hey isn’t that dude Johnathan Sherr, the guy from My Darling is a Gaikokujin?
    I watched it yesterday…I didn’t get loads of laughter as I was expecting, but it was a great Japanese language learning experience :)

  79. makidude Says:

    [..YouTube..] “If we did not care, we would teach them French!” I lol’d

  80. lejonzx Says:

    [..YouTube..] If this was real man I wouldn’t wonder why japan’s english sucks.

  81. untmdsprt Says:

    [..YouTube..] @lejonzx ROFL, it is real. The teaching requirements are to be a native English speaker and have a 4 year degree in anything. Students only practice English maybe an hour out of the week. Those kids that are only half Japanese are better in English because of the constant exposure to the language from one parent. People don’t understand the concept that you have to have constant exposure to a language. I watch Japanese TV all the time, and my Japanese is getting better.

  82. yousefamar Says:

    [..YouTube..] Be Yes = B.S.

  83. lejonzx Says:

    [..YouTube..] @untmdsprt Seriously?.. If i was a japanese parent with a child in one of these schools I would seriously be worried. Yea I watch jap stuff too and can more or less understand and talk in it. But can’t read.

  84. BushidoDevildog Says:

    [..YouTube..] Miss Sawaguchi is rockin’ the MILF action! >:-)

  85. BushidoDevildog Says:

    [..YouTube..] Miss Sawaguchi is rockin’ the MILF action! >:-)

  86. BushidoDevildog Says:

    [..YouTube..] The actor playing Mark looks like L. Ron Hubbard, whom Johnathan refers to later in the video (e.g. “…a narcissistic nut bag” ;-)

  87. BushidoDevildog Says:

    [..YouTube..] The actor playing Mark looks like L. Ron Hubbard, whom Johnathan refers to later in the video (e.g. “…a narcissistic nut bag” ;-)

  88. DracheN0504 Says:

    [..YouTube..] 5 People don’t like english

  89. MightyBrainChild Says:

    [..YouTube..] This is awesome :D “if we didn’t care, we would teach them… French…” aha

  90. skayloss Says:

    [..YouTube..] @MightyBrainChild they should french is less used cuz you need a brain to speak it

  91. MightyBrainChild Says:

    [..YouTube..] @skayloss well yeah, but the reason why it’s funny is because its just such an off the hand comment.

  92. LJ Says:

    Really cool. So typical of teaching English. :) Keep up the good work.

  93. untmdsprt Says:

    [..YouTube..] @lejonzx The Japanese govt sets the rules. Being in the jr or sr high schools is even worse because the Japanese teachers there have no clue of how to teach conversational English, and you’re treated like a glorified CD player. Some would even ask me Eng grammar questions and then look at me like I’m the stupidest person on earth when I have no idea how to explain. I stopped that nonsense by asking them Japanese grammar questions and gave them that same look when they couldn’t answer.

  94. TheMikecoleman Says:

    [..YouTube..] LOL

  95. maiku1 Says:

    Nice! A great start to a good series in my opinion. Just do what you’re doing!!

    To people who are hating on it and want it to be like something else, stop looking into too much stuff and just sit and enjoy!

    Again, I freakin’ loved it! Keep up the good work!

  96. bundangbear Says:

    [..YouTube..] After 10 years of teaching ESL in Asia, this is so realistic it’s scary.

    There’s the young jerk Kellerman, the older jerk Mark, the mean woman teacher, and the one seeking to find his inner Yamato spirit. Priceless!

  97. Thebadcommenter Says:

    [..YouTube..] Berurfry LMAO!!!

  98. nisbahmumtaz909 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Be Yes…

    Homonym of BS.

  99. SteveHakk Says:

    [..YouTube..] thanks for these! I just found them and watched everything you had… Keep ‘em coming! I am a teacher in Sendai and they made me laugh.

  100. BlueKazuki Says:

    [..YouTube..] 5 people…hit the ‘I dislike this’ button. How about that…

  101. Ziiiv Says:

    [..YouTube..] 0:18

    She said “children” not “students”.

  102. Loonitic11 Says:

    [..YouTube..] As an aspiring English teacher, i found this hilarious.

  103. SSoldieRIP Says:

    [..YouTube..] Hehehe tiny boobies but funny
    “get out” if it was me in that boys place i will be (Ok lil maggot *goes to get his SVD Dragunov* hey bitch rememba me eh?)

  104. Mathras Says:

    [..YouTube..] Wow, this is hilarious! ^^

  105. EroticismoXIII Says:

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  109. Kronos295K Says:

    [..YouTube..] Love this series!

  110. SplitBullets Says:

    [..YouTube..] yea! lets have a BS day!

  111. Kitkat137 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Love it!

  112. Azza Says:

    Very good waiting to watch the next episode

  113. flassero Says:

    [..YouTube..] so bored

  114. NaturalBeauty321 Says:

    [..YouTube..] *LOVE* it! Already subscribed *sighhhh*

  115. pvrhye Says:

    [..YouTube..] I real teacher wouldn’t decry a new teacher. We treasure them as it increases the likelihood of a break period.

  116. Annie Says:

    like ittttttt! 2nd season for next year!! ;D

  117. Melki Says:

    [..YouTube..] Every moment of my life is a first – Thats Right! thank you thank you, glad I bumped to this video, this phrase is going to change my life.

  118. honsusando Says:

    [..YouTube..] If you really want to marry an Latino women come to us

  119. steve884 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Boooooooooring!!!!!!!

  120. Mikeybetts Says:

    [..YouTube..] i wanna go to japan to learn to tame ninjas

    and sell them as pets… or am i thinking of gimps?

  121. fjas1000 Says:

    [..YouTube..] I admire you guys for getting together the resources to make a live action show. Here’s my one-man attempt via Xtranormal. watch?v=n1rYIhAFGXk

  122. jughead6411 Says:

    [..YouTube..] @lejonzx

    Japan has a hell of a lot better English than any other language people in North America try to learn.

  123. joshuatravels2684 Says:

    [..YouTube..] Lol I love this video! I can’t imagion what a 1st day teaching abroad is like. I hope I get to, would love to do this someday! Great Job!

  124. harolddoza Says:

    [..YouTube..] Today I have decided to show this web series in my EFL (English as a Foreing Language) classes, Do you think it is a good idea? I will find out pretty soon.

  125. FishingtonBurpPuzzle Says:

    [..YouTube..] Yeah. I can believe this crap is real life.

  126. MrJohnBeelicker Says:

    [..YouTube..] “If we didn’t care we’d teach them french” Best line ever.

  127. GLMnumber9 Says:

    [..YouTube..] lol This is the corniest shit I’ve ever seen. Love it.

  128. MayorMichaelShell Says:

    [..YouTube..] Very funny!

  129. OhMySavy Says:

    [..YouTube..] LOL so cheesy.


  130. goyangiwolf Says:

    [..YouTube..] I found this funny. I will be teaching in India in June. I really hope this doesn’t happen to me.

  131. krazy45cat Says:

    [..YouTube..] Thanks pretty Funny !

  132. omgitsskyandces Says:

    [..YouTube..] that Nevil dude sounds like that dude from ANTM (America’s next top model)

  133. boncku Says:

    [..YouTube..] @goyangiwolf Hello, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your assignment in India. However, be prepared for anything; if “this doesn’t happen”, something else will happen. Isn’t that what we’ve in this series? Good Luck!

  134. Bar1no Says:

    [..YouTube..] I would totally bang that first Asian girl…

  135. gunblaz Says:

    [..YouTube..] i resent the fuck out of the french thig that bitch said

  136. theophilis Says:

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  142. brendanraymond Says:

    [..YouTube..] wow i didnt know this show existed until now. i wonder how much of it is close to the truth? I guess I’ll find out in 2 months. Oh also is that guy from that movie “my darlings a foreigner”? oh oh and also, Be Yes supposed to sound like BS? hell of a name :S

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